Reiki Helps Animals With

  • Pain

  • Recovery from a surgery

  • Reduce side effects from medicine and treatments

  • Fatigue from chronic illness

  • Hyperactivity/high stress behaviors

  • Past abuse or abandonment

  • Depression

  • No appetite

  • Loss of human/animal companions  

  • Transitioning to death

  • Healthy to rejuvenated and vibrant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Reiki identify what’s wrong with my cat/dog?

Reiki is a healing energy that soothe, support, and promote animals' well-being in both mental and physical levels.  It is the most gentle yet deep and powerful support to restore balance in their body.  However, it is not used as diagnostic tool in my practice. 

I understand in-person Reiki, but how is a distant/remote Reiki done?

Reiki energy can reach anywhere regardless of the location. I will send Reiki healing energy from my office to wherever your cat/dog would be at that time. The session will be arranged ahead of time. When the appointment time approaches on that day, you will receive a short text that says the session is starting soon. (10-15min. prior to the session)

You do not need to be with your cat/dog necessarily during the reiki session, but if you do, please relax in the comfortable setting a few feet away from your cat/dog (if that relaxes them), and observe them, or even better, try to meditate with them.

Can you talk to my cat/dog during a Reiki session?

Reiki session is focused on creating peaceful, balanced, and compassionate space for each cat/dog. There is no space for words to interrupt the flow of energy in my practice. I will suggest to contact your animal communicator for conversations with your cat/dog.

Where did you study Animal Reiki?

I studied Animal Reiki for years with Kathleen Prasad who is internationally known for her pioneering work in the field of Animal Reiki. Her creative Let Animals Lead® method allows me to be in the moment to purely connect with my heart open to the animal(s).

What other services do you provide?

I offer flower essence consultation for cats and dogs, cat behavioral consultation, and cat sitting services. For more information, visit