Being open and appreciating each animal on earth as unique, beautiful, and perfect being as they are is the heart of my practice.

When one of my cats passed away years ago, not knowing what animal Reiki was, I had arranged a distant reiki session for the remained cat, Tora. He wasn’t eating well for a couple of weeks and appeared depressed since Mimi died. I sat with Tora during the distant Reiki session from a practitioner living far away (she later became my Reiki teacher).  I was a little bit skeptical at first, but I did it anyway, and I was so glad that I did!! The result was amazing, and it worked like a miracle – on the next day, Tora started eating well again, and his spirit was lifted up.  Tora was not the only one who received the amazing gift of reiki on that day. I also experienced deep relaxation and physical sensation that I had never felt before - I felt the healing energy moving through in both of my hands as if they were magnetized.  It was one of the life-changing moments for me. After that session, I was convinced that this healing energy called, REIKI for animals would be another piece of the puzzle for my never-ending learning for helping animals.

After years of studying and practicing under my Reiki teachers as well as many animal teachers that helped guiding me, I am here to offer more possibilities for your animals to heal, to energized, to connect, and to enjoy a long healthy life with you!

Misa is a Level III Master certified Reiki practitioner, and a member of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) to help support shelter animals’ well-being.