“Be there to offer – be open to receive.”


Reiki Healing Space
by Misa Ono

Animal Reiki creates a healing space for your cats and dogs. Healing energy reaches your pets instantly.

It is a meditational space with peace and compassion. When your cats and dogs are open to receive this healing energy, their bodies and souls are ready to be synced and balanced.


Reiki for Cats and Dogs

Like a human body tries to heal itself when it undergoes dis-ease, an animal’s body does the same – it knows exactly what to do to heal itself. It is innate wisdom. Honoring animals’ own healing ability, reiki offers even deeper relaxation to support optimal level in their healing process.


How does Reiki help animals?  

Reiki for animals is a meditation dedicated to the animal.  It is useful for healing the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues the animal may be facing.  It can speed up healing after surgery or illness, reduce side effects of medicine and other treatments, relieve pain, improve behavior problems, heal anxiety-related problems and, when physical healing isn’t possible, it does ease the transition to death. Here is my cat, Tora, enjoying receiving Reiki greatly during his rough days suffering from a very aggressive cancer. Some animals like hands-on (as you can see in this picture) while others prefer no touching.  Continue the slideshow to see many other Reiki clients enjoying a Reiki session.


about misa

After years of studying and practicing under my reiki teachers as well as many animal teachers that helped guiding me, I am here to offer more possibilities for your animals to heal, to energized, to connect, and to enjoy a long healthy life with you!